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Formula verner

JSC „Formula – Verner“ was founded in 1994 in Kaunas. Main areas of activity - production and trade of ecologically clean fuel, and trade of solid fuel boilers.

In 1995 a new factory was built, where technology of German company RUF GmbH & Co was installed and production of sawdust briquettes was started. Afterwards, the company expanded it‘s activities and besides the production of wood briquettes, there was started the production of charcoal, sticks for ignition and other products from wood and wood waste.

Another activity of the company – trade of solid fuel gas generation boilers. JSC „Formula-Verner“ has exclusive rights to represent Czech company "Verner" and German company "Künzel“ in Lithuania.

Our production has company standards and DIN 51731 standard, our products are of high quality and have good packaging and aesthetic view. Products are mainly exported to Germany and to the Scandinavian countries.

JSC „Formula-Verner“ is a  member of Lithuanian Association of Bioenergetics and Energy Saving. In the company's territory, in Kaunas region, in 2004 the second Lithuanian wind power plant was built. The purpose of erection of demonstration wind turbine was to show that in Lithuania is profitable to produce electricity and thereby to promote wind energetics.

CJSC "Formula - Verner"
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