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Formula verner


By promoting the use of renewable energy sources we offer for Your home heating cost-effective and environment friendly fuel – wood sawdust briquettes, which are perfectly suitable for all solid fuel boilers, furnaces and fireplaces.

Fuel is made from pure wood sawdust, under high-pressure (without any chemical additives and binding materials), according to German technology with German company‘s RUF presses.

It is worth to use sawdust briquettes as:sawdust briquettes


• They have high heating value;
• They occupy little space;
• Long burning time;
• Simple and effective to use;
• Low ash content;


96 bags of 10 kg ± 5% * on each pallet

* We can also pack other amount of bags on a pallet, taking into account the wishes of a customer (if You purchase a bigger quantity -  there is a special order).

Production capacity:
Up to 400 tonnes per month. Produced with a high-technology production press.


Results of laboratory analysis:
Moisture: 4-6%
Ash content: up to 1.25%
Sulfur content: up to 0,007%
Calorific value: up to 19,880 kJ / kg (4750 kcal / kg)
Density: up to 1 kg/dm3
Dimensions: 155mm x 65mm x 75/100mm

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